Bollywood's "digital" and "solar constellations" do not seem to be related with Sexy Babydoll lingerie. But when it comes to astrology, anything that has a particular quality can be classified according to the different signs of the twelve zodiac. So, because each item has a specific character, each symbol has one. Here's Bollywood's "project" number, you're based on your solar sign. Don't worry. They're as bad as the next one.

ARIES: Baby Doll

In the first sign of the twelve zodiac, Aries is like the youngest child in the family, a real baby, treated like a princess. Of course, they believe that they are Hella special, adhere to the "main Sexy Babydoll lingerie Song Di (I'm a gold doll)" the lyrics of this song.

Taurus: Jalebi Bai

Taurus people have a special place to eat in their hearts, which explains why a song called "jalebi white" is entirely a matter of its own. In addition, the song has no complicated lyrics, which are great simple Taurus, and old enough to let them know not to use Google.

Gemini: kajra again

Geminis always flicker in their eyes, making kajra a perfect one for them. For this symbol, poetry, the lyrics written in art, and the subtle use of language are very important.

Cancer: Fevicol Se

Cancer people are heavily attached to memories, and many of them are avid Babydoll lingerie photographers. Although most of us can't imagine Fevicol Se in a profound explanation, "just the photo itself chipka Le saiyyan KO scene fevicol selenium" (glue my photos to your heart fevicol), income, light, a new strength.

Ray ou: Sheila Ki Jawani

Leo hot blooded women love to turn around, making Sheila Ki Jawani the ideal for their songs. In fact, confident Leos literally love life, "I'm too sexy for you," whenever someone tries to compete with the idea.

VIRGO: Sharara Sharara

Super female virgins are obviously sexy to others, but very subtle in her own way.  This is a song like Sharara Sharara as a good description: "AAG lagake, KO jalake Karoon ishaara Denon," (I to set the heart light signal).

LIBRA: cute

Libra love the idea of love, which may explain why they are lovely songs, especially the lyrics "lovely HO Yaar TERA PADH Ke Naam guay". Seriously, when you see how dizzy and sentimental Libra is their relationship, you'll know what we're talking about!

Scorpio: father Zaladi Ruiqialu

People fall into scorpion lives, because their danger and magnetic energy can only be affected by their strength. "Father Zaladi Ruiqialu, bijli khadhi bijli (Makati BaBaiBan" slowly, because lightning is waiting for you) as a warning of what to expect from this sign.

Sagittarius: Dum Maaro Dum

Sagittarius people are the life of the party, but they are also very straightforward, making this core, lyrics straightforward, and controversial songs for their people. Mixing and shooting Di P Kappa Du Co Bnnie, tracking and video far from traditional dance figures.

CAPRICORN: Munni Badnaam

Capricorn, just like Munni, has good reputation and noble personality. That is, until they fall into the vortex of love (ask Jared Kushner). Capries cares about a lot of public opinion, so they're willing to "badnaam" and mean everything to you!

Aquarius: Crazy wooden house again

They are famous for their eccentricity, so who knows they can swear, a lot of crazy participation, making life interesting. The crazy wooden house, literally, is totally suited to aquarius.

Pisces: Chikni Chameli

Chikni Chameli literally translated into smooth flowers, but the song itself is who has drunk a few cups and has a good time with a beautiful Sexy Babydoll lingerie girl. Pisces, who is known as a connoisseur of white wine, and is often subtle and gentle, is the incarnation of this song.